Evening, Weekend & Skype Sessions Available!

Lori Theriault
Founder & CEO

Providing Students the Tools for Workplace Success


Career Planning for Students & Adults

Personality strength testing for ages 10 and older, leading to a 7 step career plan that is easy to follow.

Confidence Building

1 hour session to better understand your learning style, communication style, and natural born strengths while building confidence and overcoming fears.

Resume Writing

Make resume writing a pleasant experience. Capture your personality strengths and your experience to create a powerful resume for your upcoming job search.

Life Skills Summer Camp

Certification program that offers leadership development, communication, resume writing, career planning, financial literacy, etiquette, vision boards and mentoring.

After School Programs

Empowerment and leadership programs available for intermediate and high school students.


Motivational speaking in topics covering empowerment, leadership, career path, mentoring, personality strengths and more!

Thank you for helping my daughter find what her strengths were to guide her into the next chapter of her life. She returned home excited and ready to take the next step into her future!
Laura, Bristol, CT
Praise for Lori Theriault and her business Work It! Lori is "The Teenager Whisperer"! She has tremendous insight and is a gift to those who know her and have worked with her. Lori worked with my 11 year old daughter recently and has given her the opportunity to discover her passion.
Anne, Broad Brook, CT
My favorite part of this class was watching my girls articulate their futures.
Andy, Southington, CT
My favorite part of the class was being able to talk with someone about my future and my goals.
Jose, West Hartford, CT
I am really excited for my future and to find something I love to do. I have satisfaction of knowing my future and knowing my plan.
Faye, Litchfield, CT
The best part was when our personalities were explained to us!
Esi, New Britain, CT
Realizing I am on the right track.
Karla, Groton, CT
I learned more about myself in a way I've never done before
Ewa, Southington, CT
Having someone with a lot of experience helped me work out what I was thinking.
Spencer, Avon, CT
Being understood and helped
Victoria, New Britain, CT
Gaining insights into my strengths which reinforce the things I'm good at doing.
Dawn, Bristol, CT
Best part of this class was creating my strong words
Jada, Portland, ME
Knowing that I can succeed in my future.
Nick, Torrington, CT
I've identified my strengths and what comes naturally to me.
Gayathri, North Carolina
It was a video call which made it slightly harder, but the teacher handled it wonderfully.
Reau, Roswell, GA
Great program for upperclassmen in high school.
Jessica, Plymouth, CT
The class is very informational and I learned a lot, someone actually gets me!
Thomas, Marlborough, CT
Concentrating on me... I don't get to do that very often.
Shannon, Farmington, CT
I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have provided my son. Tyrese has become much more focused and driven because of you and Work It.
Sheila, New Britain, CT
My business partners and I utilized Work It's assessment and training to understand each other better and work through conflict more productively. It was great to have an outside opinion looking in and is scary how accurate the test is in general. We were able to use the results as a strategic tool to determine job roles within the company and raised self-awareness of each other's personality traits to build a stronger company organization. Lori is highly recommended and truly was a life-saver! @ctbeertours couldn't have launched without you!
Michelle, CT Beer Tours