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Crazy as it may seem, Work !T started as a dream in January 2015. On May 22, of that year, it became a reality with a kickoff class of the “FAB 17” of New Britain High School. It was then, that I knew I could launch my dream.

Passion for people and business has created something BIG and this winning combination allows students of all ages to experience the best personal and career inspiration that is packed into a 2-hour session.

Work !T trains up to 10,000 students each year. We inspire students to dream, create and capture their career path that allows them to do what they love today vs. waiting until tomorrow.

Throughout my career, I’ve often observed many adults who are just working to exist. Many have stopped dreaming of their perfect job.

I created the Work !T program bringing 30 years of business and diverse career experience that includes management in Manufacturing, Real Estate, Agriculture and Construction and the Skilled trade Service Industry, so that I can help students at a young age harness their interests in these fields.

See you soon!

Lori Theriault
CEO & Founder


question Is there any scientific basis for the Work!t Program?

question The personality assessment tool is based on research from psychologist Dr. Patrick Handley and has been effectively helping people for more than two decades.

question How can students benefit from the Work!t Program?

question The big question is, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” The sooner we answer that question, the sooner we can start preparing for that one, bright, specific future! There is a lot of competition for jobs today so a student who can pick a profession can also take the right courses, apply for internships, and even engage in job shadowing.

question How can adults benefit from the Work!t Program?

question The question is the same for adults as it is students, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Whether we got into the wrong career by making the wrong choices or find ourselves in a bad place because of a bad economy, it’s never too late to find the right path to professional success.

question Can I receive a personalized session of the Work!t Program?

question Sure! Lori has done some very successful sessions with professional teams, families, and even individuals. Often the ways in which participants learn about themselves helps the work or family group move forward productively.

question Will I like what I learn about myself?

question There are rarely surprises during a Work!t Program. You really do know yourself but there may be a dynamic keeping you from expressing one or more parts of your personality. Sometimes, parents want their children to be just like them and don’t know how to handle a difference. Other times, people don’t know how to effectively express a trait or talent and erroneously think of it as a fault or liability in life and work.

question Is anyone too young to know what they want or who they are?

question Lori firmly believes that a 10 year old child knows what they want in life but it can be difficult to express that with a limited vocabulary and life experience. The Work!t Program can bridge the gap between what a child dreams and the options available in the world. As Lori puts it, “It’s an incredible feeling, bringing someone back to that dream, whether they’re 13 or 31. I love giving them the tools of communication to sell that career path to their parents or so they can run with it to a new life.”

question How do employers benefit from the Work!t Program?

question The average employee lasts less than three years at any job. If an employer can extend that to seven or eight years, as has happened with past program participants, a business can spend less on hiring and training. Employer and employee can grow together for everyone’s benefit.

question How do schools benefit from the Work!t Program?

question A focused child is a better student. Participants are energized by their action steps because they see themselves getting closer to their goals. They want to attend class not because they must but because it is a step they want to take toward a future they can envision.


Praise for Lori Theriault and her business Work It! Lori is "The Teenager Whisperer"! She has tremendous insight and is a gift to those who know her and have worked with her. Lori worked with my 11 year old daughter recently and has given her the opportunity to discover her passion.
Anne Johnson
I love watching Lori Theriault change the lives of people.
Cheryl Kovaleski-Tardif
I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity you have provided my son. Tyrese has become much more focused and driven because of you and Work It.
Sheila Allen
My favorite part of this class was when we found out who exactly it is that we are.
New Britain High Student
The program motivated me to keep looking forward, keep negative out of my life and realize the potential I didn't know I had in myself to take this journey that I have in front of me.
New Britain High Student
The actual evidence of the trainers success that all of it is possible.
New Britain High Student
I liked partnering up doing role playing of being boss and worker.
New Britain High Student
Role playing was my favorite part of the class.
Terryville High student
Explanation of the plotting of personalities was my favorite part of this class.
Terryville High student
Pairing up with others working with people of a different personality was my favorite part.
Wamogo Regional High School student
My favorite part of the class was having to solve a real life workplace problem.
Farmington High School student
Loved how the class was interactive!
Terryville High School student
As an educator, I truly believe that we need more programs like those at Work It. They get students excited about their future and give them a tangible purpose for coming to school. In addition, research shows that these programs increase attendance and test scores. It's a win-win!
‎Bonnie-Marie Doughty-Jenkins
We are so impressed with the WorkIt program and what it has done for Hannah. Most high school students do not know what they want to do when they graduate. Most go to college and have no direction. Through the WorkIt program, Hannah confirmed what path she should follow. She learned what her strengths and weaknesses are in order to become successful. She has realized her dream and her path is now set. She will graduate in June with a clear direction. I highly recommend this program and thank you for your continued support of our youth and communities!
‎Cathy Carew Winzler
I can't thank you Rick and everyone for what you have shown Jacob. He is going places. Thank you so very much. Your program is going to open doors for him I could never imagine.
‎Sarah Sandshaw
Loved the shirts!
New Britain High Student
Everything about the class was great. My favorite part was finding myself.
New Britain High Student
I think this class was very interesting and it gets me thinking about what I could do with myself in the future.
New Britain High Student
I liked how I got to pretend that I owned my own business.
CREC Academy of Aerospace and Engineering
I loved learning about myself!
St. Paul Catholic High School student
Interactive with handouts to help remember our strengths was Cool!
Terryville High School student
Seeing students have their AHA moments was very touching.
Parent of High School student
Awesome class!! This was one of the most fun and knowledgable classes that I've ever been to! I learned a lot about myself too!!
Parent of Connecticut High School student


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